What does Born-Again mean to you?

July 16, 2018

What does it mean to you to be born again?

That's a great question with a variety of answers from many Christians. Join me in this podcast as we talk about our born-again experience and what it means to our life here on earth. Find out where your sources is coming from and where you are drawing your strength, encouragement and your vision from.

If you're drawing them from the past you will continue to be confused and weakened.

We must learn to draw from Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. When we really begin to look onto Jesus and know he is our source that's when life begins to be satisfying and full of meaning.

Looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith is not just a beautiful verse it is the key to fulfilling your destiny and your call that God has placed within you for His glory.

Open Eyes Open Heavens

April 28, 2018

Open My Eyes That I May See.

When someone says to you, 'Oh now I see what you mean'. What they really are saying is now I understand what you're telling me. So when we are talking about seeing in the spirit, much of what we are saying is I am understanding the way the Spirit of God operates and what God is saying to us.

However, There are several ways that understanding comes to a person. We can see pictures and also hear words. Both of them would be considered Seeing in the spirit. Then both of them are an avenue that God uses to bring understanding to us concerning His ways.

Join me As I take time to teach on "Open the eyes of my heart Lord that I may see".


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How to Enter Your Believing Faith Room

March 28, 2018

"He that cometh to God must believe that He is". (Heb 11:6)

 Lord, I believe help my unbelief. (Mk 9:24)

What does it mean to believe and what are we to believe in? What is faith and where does it come from? Throughout the centuries since the founding of the early church, the focus of faith has changed dramatically from place to place and person-to-person. 

At one time it was focused on the creeds and the doctrines of the church, if you believed and confessed them, you were saved. While at other times it was focused on, and still is, a man or a leader, holy person to bring salvation to you.

But we have come to learn that there is only one person to focus our faith on and that is Jesus Christ. ( Acts 4:12) 

Believing on Jesus and who He is, and why he came is the doorway into the room called "Believing Faith".

Come with me for the next few moments, let's explore this room together.


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