Faith Producers International Podcast


June 20, 2021

Cancel culture, you say? Well, that's what we're hearing, isn't it? It boils down to arbitrary rules being set in motion to take away our freedom and our ability to think and act for ourselves. Wow, does that ever sound like someone we've heard about before—hint hint? The Scriptures tell us that the enemy of our soul, Satan goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. It also tells us that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. No, that sounds like cancel culture to me. After all, Satan is the father of lies and deceit, and trickery. Now here's the real author of cancel culture. Jesus said I have come that you have life and have that more abundantly. He also said the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and has anointed me to set the captives free, open the eyes of the blind and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. Now that's real cancel culture. We were in bondage, and he canceled it. We were doomed for death, and he canceled it and gave us life. We were orphans cast off and thrown away without a father. He excepted us back into the family and gave us a father, and cancel our former sins and failures. Show my friend embrace heavens cancel culture and enjoy life forevermore. YOU CAN GIVE HERE= WEBSITE= FACEBOOK= Faith Producers address: PO Bx 1006 Mt Vernon, WA 98273 FAITHPRODUCERS INTERNATIONAL PODCAST

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