Faith Producers International Podcast


April 12, 2021

'The Lord delays His coming.' Now you don't want to be caught saying that around church folk, you may be cast out. Why, you ask? Because in most cases delay means they're not coming or at least not on time. Do you ever feel like a clock is ticking and you're about ready to lose out because your miracle hasn't come yet? Well, I call that the spirit of delay trying to creep into your thoughts. The promises of God and the prophecies that the prophets speak most often have a time frame and conditions. The last thing we want to do is doubt the promises of God that's a guarantee that they will delay and often never come to pass. Why? Because everything that happens in the spiritual kingdom of God is triggered by believing in faith. You start with faith; you live with faith, and you receive by faith. He has not delayed, and he will never fail your promise he's sure and amen. YOU CAN GIVE HERE= WEBSITE= FACEBOOK= Faith Producers address: PO Bx 1006 Mt Vernon, WA 98273 FAITHPRODUCERS INTERNATIONAL PODCAST

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